Friday, August 22, 2008

    Blame yourself

    When you have many problems in your life, most likely you are the problem.

    When something goes wrong, don't look around you to find who to blame. Look in the mirror. If you blame someone/something else, you will not be critical to yourself. You need to find what was went wrong in your behavior. That is what you can work on, that is what you must improve.

    If you couldn't finish your work because you didn't have the material you needed from some person, it is your fault! It was your responsibility to finish the work, and thus it was your task to make sure that the other person would deliver on time. Maybe there were 2-3 days you where waiting for the other person to deliver you something, comfortably procrastinating with the excuse of the wait. Why didn't you put pressure on the guy? He doesn't care about your failures, you should.

    If you can't find anyone to talk to on a party, it is only your fault! You were probably not interesting, you didn't transmit a good feeling or you where committing some other mistake(s). Think about what you said. When the conversations faded, when people lost interest. Think about what the other people where talking about. Why could have had a great time, but YOU failed. Don't blame other people for the your limited social scope.

    It is not productive for yourself to find out what others do wrong, only what you do wrong. Find out what you could have done better, and do it better next time. People for which everything goes right do not complain about others. If there is any doubt, always blame yourself.

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