Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Small fears at the mall

    Today I was in the mall and saw two girls who are old classmates of mine. At first I tried to avoid them, because we never were very good friends and I didnt really have anything to tell them. I thought they had probably already seen me but ignored me just as I was doing. But then I realized that the reasons I didnt want to talk to them were not those, they where just an excuse, a euphemism for my mind. I was afraid of the situation, i was afraid that they would not recognize me, afraid of the uncomfortable situation of not knowing what to say, afraid of what they would think of me.

    Stupid little unimportant fears like these are one of the biggest constrains to achieving what you want in life. That is why some days ago I decided I would fight against every little fear I would have. It is the only way to overcome them.

    I just went to the girls and talked to them, said it had been a long time, and asked what they were doing there. They asked me where i have been and what i've been up to. Unimportant, banal, things. But it feels great having done it. Not because of the achievement, but because i did not let these little monsters in my head scare me. Because I got out of my comfort zone.

    Im not completely satisfied though. I did not ask them what they have been up to. After they asked me, I told them im finishing my degree in mechanical engineering, and they seemed impressed. I thought that if i were to ask them, they would tell me something like that they are working in some shop or so and that I wouldnt be able so say something nice about it, like they did. So i decided not to ask. Big mistake. Will not happen again.

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    Teddy said...

    you're cute ^^ I like the way you describe those things. I think i should work on that way too...